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What will cars be like in the future?

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Over the past few decades’ technology has been responsible for making vehicles safer, more fuel efficient and more accessible than ever before, but what will cars be like in the future?
In recent years we have seen battery power becoming trendy in the car market, with many manufacturers now offering electric version of their cars. We have also seen technology giants such as Google, Telsa and Uber prototype autonomous vehicles and we’ve seen the rise of the cloud connected car able to relay real-time data and entertainment at passenger’s fingertips, but as technology advances, so does our need to engage and understand this technology to help our roads become safer.
The future of travel may not include drivers at all, but it will include rarely seen technology specially designed to ensure that all road users are safe at all times. Here YourParkingSpace showcases some of these cutting-edge technologies and how they can be integrated into the cars of the future.