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What Goes Into Replacing an Automobile Windshield?

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It is pretty easy to overlook how important your windshield is.  After all, it is made of glass and whenever you use it, you are typically looking through it to scan the road for obstacles, signs, and other concerns.  As a matter of fact, you probably don’t even really think about how important your windshield is until something happens to it.  

Maybe you have a crack or a small ding.  They might not even be noticeable at first.  Maybe you see them when the light is just right or maybe, eventually, they spread out and become a little too big to ignore.  If you are able to catch them early, you can often get these repaired at little-to-no cost.  If you do not catch them early, though, you may need full Auto Glass Experts replacement.


In a basic auto glass replacement service, these are the steps that should typically be followed:

    • protective/preventive measures of the hood and interior
    • careful removal of the wipers, molding, cowling
    • cautious removal of broken windshield; in some cases, the adhesive might also be removed and then replaced
    • pinch weld inspection—this is the surface where the windshield attaches to the body of the vehicle—to ensure no obstruction of adherence for the new windshield
    • apply urethane adhesive to the frame
    • set new windshield in place
    • reattach cowling, molding, and wipers

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The vehicle should now be ready for safe operation on the roads again.


Of course, properly installed windshield also provide comfort and security.

    • reflect/refract sunlight and UV rays
    • improve visibility
    • reduce heat in the car
    • prevent water from leaking into the cab

However, vehicles made today also have all kinds of fancy technology that makes them safer; and this includes the windshield. A properly installed windshield has the potential to affect:

    • passenger airbag deployment
    • vehicle overall resistance to shock
    • passenger ejection during collision
    • roof collapsing in the event the vehicle is overturned


It is very important to be aware of your car’s make year.  Newer cars are now being built with sensors in the glass that, while helping to make your car safer, can be expensive to replace.  At the same time, you can sometimes find aftermarket windshields at lower prices, but you also want to make sure that these windshields are still certified; and that if you pay a lower price, you might be sacrificing important features.