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TVS Jupiter Classic or Piaggio Vespa: Which one is better?

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The TVS Jupiter has been around for a long time and has been quite a good alternative for the Honda Activa, if not at par. It was a scooter designed with simplicity and high utility. However, the scooter was due for a much-needed update among the other scooters that were already in the latest generation. And thus came the Classic edition.

But with all the classic styling to do with, the TVS Jupiter Classic Edition isn’t the only scooter to exhibit a retro-styling theme. Piaggio Vespa is another scooter that is almost the pioneer in this segment, with all its heritage dating back to 1946.

Despite being similar, they are poles apart, almost in every field other than the retro-styling. To make sure that you aren’t falling into any dilemma of which one to buy, read along to find out which one would be the best option to choose.

Which one looks better?

Both. Despite being the newest entrant in this segment, TVS has done really well to bring about an essence of being a retro scooter. It gets a high windscreen and a little-sculpted body The new round-shaped rear view mirrors are dipped in chrome while the instrument dial gets a classic dial art. The grab rail at the rear is chrome-colored and gets a cushioned backrest. The new seat cover gets a dual tone textured approach.

 The Piaggio Vespa, on the other hand, is not about styling a retro scooter. Instead, it is a heritage itself and draws its past from the rich history. In fact, it looks like an epitome of the culture it bears. The headlamp is more round in shape (barring the Vespa S) and holds the same round chrome rear view mirrors. The grab rail at the rear does not have any backrest.

Power source

The TVS Jupiter Classic is powered by a fuel-injected 109 cc single cylinder engine which produces a maximum power of 8 bhp along with a peak torque of 8 Nm. This is the same engine that powers the standard Jupiter as well.

The Piaggio Vespa is with 125 cc as well as 150 cc motors. The 125 cc engine produces a maximum power of 9.9 bhp along with a peak torque of 10.6 Nm. The 150 cc of the Vespa and Vespa S produces 11.4 bhp of highest power and 11.5 Nm of torque. However, all the Vespa scooters come with a carburetor fuel delivery system.


The TVS Jupiter has been a tremendous scooter when it comes to utility. The Classic edition does come with a weaker engine compared to the Piaggio but compensates it fully with a lower price tag.

The Piaggio Vespa is retailed at an exclusive showroom price of Rs. 70,023 for the base variant and goes up to Rs. 91.914 for the top end model. On the other hand, the TVS Jupiter classic Edition is priced at Rs. 56, 266 exclusive showroom.