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Top 3 Cheap Cars in UK to Bu

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Manchester car dealers should give you access to quality, mobility, reliability, and trust. You do not want to pay a lot for your vehicle, but you still want something that you can love. Thankfully, there are plenty of vehicles that fit this description. You can find vehicles that are budget-friendly and that work as expected, giving you everything you need. Whether you want something simple and classic or you are looking for something a bit more flashy, there is a vehicle that works for you. Below, we are going to look at the top 3 cheap cars in the UK to buy right now


The Hyundai i10 hatchback rides to the front with its low price, roomy interior, quality, and various options. The packages and choices with this car allow you to get the power and comfort you want at an incredibly low price. You can save thousands if you go for the full basic, entry level package. Even if you want some of those nice features and additions, they do not cost a lot. With this, you can get the car you want at your budget without making a lot of sacrifices.


The Vauxhall Viva has been around for decades, building trust with the car buying community. Whether young or in your 70s, you know this car and this brand – and you love it for its constant quality and affordability. The new Viva is no different. This hatchback gives you all of the same affordability, with different packages to suit different budgetary needs, but with a modern spin. The look is gorgeous, you have all of the basics and room you could need, and you can get the features and additions that are right for you. Everyone can have their perfect car at the perfect budget.


Kia has made a name for itself amongst car buyers as a cheap and reliable vehicle. All across the world, you have people falling in love with this manufacturer because of the name they have built for themselves. TheKia Picantois no different, and may be your next car. This is the hatchback that most people already love, with Kia’s trust and quality behind it. The Kia Picanto has been a cheap and good value option for several years now and it continues to give car buyers everything they want in an affordable vehicle. Spacious, many important features come standard, and an astounding MPG, it is hard to deny the value of this hatchback.

These are merely a handful of cheap cars available to buyers this year. They are the top cars in the UK, and options that you can find at most Manchester car dealers (i.e. ). If you are looking to save some money without sacrificing style, quality, reliability, or trustworthiness, they are the vehicles that should grab your attention.

If you are interested in one of these vehicles, contact your local Manchester car dealers for more information on pricing, packages, and specifics for the vehicles.