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Tinted Car Windows Are Safer Windows

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Whilst some drivers have their cars tinted for aesthetic purposes, tinting your car windows also protects its interior. In fact, the blockage of UV light keeps the upholstery in your car from fading over time. The tint also safeguards the driver and passengers’ skin from exposure to sunlight. Not only that, but tinting also reduces glare. As a result, you do not have to shield your eyes from any light that is reflected from water or snow on the road, or which bounces off of nearby buildings.

A Higher Efficiency System

Besides deflecting sunlight, the tinting installed on windows will also reduce the amount of solar heat that your parked car attracts. Plus, when your car windows are tinted, you do not have to spend as much time or effort cooling your vehicle on a hot summer day. As a result, the components in your car will operate better, and your vehicle’s system will run with higher efficiency.

Reduces the Incidence of Theft

In addition, people who opt for Perth car tinting experience lower chances of theft than people who do not tint their car windows at all. When a thief cannot see easily inside a car, he will bypass the vehicle to see what spoils he can find in a car with untinted glass.

Added Protection from Breaking Glass

Whilst the tint is said to add a protective layer to the car, it will still not stop glass from breaking. Instead, it prevents fragments of glass from scattering, thereby making it less dangerous if the car’s glass does break.

Do Not Clean Tinted Windows with Ammonia

Window tint itself is a sheer film that is applied inside a window in one of several shades. Whatever tint shade you choose, it will provide a degree of privacy. The film can last as long as twenty years, as long as the driver takes good care of it. However, the material will fade over time if ammonia is used to clean the window. Therefore, it is best to forego any cleaner made with this substance.

How to Clean a Tinted Window

In fact, if you use a cleaner with ammonia, your windows will appear purple after some time. Ammonia can also cause the sturdy film to weaken if it is used repeatedly. The best way to clean the tint is to use a shammy-type cloth, or one that is made of a chamois material. Use a microfibre cloth for cleaning. Then the chamois can be used for drying and polishing.

When you clean with a microfibre cloth, you only need to dampen the material and wipe off any streaks or dirt. Wet the cloth beneath a tap with water before wringing it out. Then use the cloth to get rid of any buildup. Wipe in one continuous direction, working from one side of the glass to the other. By taking this approach, you can clean away any fingerprints, grime, or dirt with ease.

Then, use the chamois material to dry the tinted glass to a spot-free shine. Direct the dry cloth in one direction too, in order to produce a professional and clear finish. When you clean your tinted windows and make full use of them, you will not only preserve your car’s interior, you will also add to the beauty of its exterior, too.