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The Most Purchased Cars in Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills is one of America’s most popular neighborhoods and has a very memorable zip code. The streets are full of luxurious cars, driveways are home to sleek, expensive and high tech vehicles in the world sit in the garages of our favorite celebrities.

Porches and Audi’s find themselves at the top of the list in many luxury neighborhoods but Beverly Hills has its own personal favorite. The Mercedes Benz is a popular choice and a favorite of residents in this famous zip code. They love to keep it in the Benz family with The E Class, C Class, and S Class. They are all popular vehicles in the Beverly Hills area and that is why you can find lots of european auto repair shops in Los Angeles California.

The popularity of the Mercedes Benz continues to grow inside the gates of Beverly Hills. Drive down the fancy streets admiring the houses and you will see a very familiar car parked in the driveway. The Mercedes Benz, who’s pop culture popularity began with a song, remains a popular choice for vehicles in Beverly Hills. The popularity of the Mercedes Benz has been on the rise and remains a favorite among residents of the neighborhood. There are not many other cars that can compete with the gorgeous Benz; however, the Rolls Royce does give it a run for its money. Rolls Royce is another popular choice for the people in the world’s most popular zip code. LA is home to the largest amount of Rolls-Royce dealerships in the country. Often seen in music videos, the Rolls Royce is a status symbol who’s sleek appearance catches everyone’s eye. The most popular model of this large vehicle is The Phantom. Car lovers with deep pockets and money to spare love to purchase The Phantom. Large and easily recognizable, The Phantom fits in with the glamour of Beverly Hills. The large back seats can house parties and meetings among friends.

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These cars may win top honors on the most popular list but there are others that join them on the road. You will find a diverse range of BMWs on the streets of Los Angeles. A popular vehicle used by families, the BMW helps Beverly Hills residents get their kids where they need to be. A vehicle that makes everything easier is a great choice and the glamorous folks of Beverly Hills believe it too.

The Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, and Lexus RX are experiencing varying degrees of success. The combinations of utility and prestige make them a popular choice among families in wealthy zip codes. As the luxury market grows to include bigger vehicles, various companies are beginning to decide that the family market is where the money is.

The world’s most popular zip code and the world’s most popular car are a match made in heaven. Perfectly paired, the Mercedes Benz is a sleek and beautiful status symbol. While you may find Porches, Bentleys, and Audi’s driving down the streets of Beverly Hills, they will have to see a massive surge in purchases for them to reach the popularity acquired by Benz many years ago. As the days and months pass, the Mercedes Benz continues to rack up the numbers in the neighborhood that everyone knows.

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