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Photographing Your Sweet Ride

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When you have a sweet ride, whether your idea of a sweet ride is a sedan or a sports car, a monster truck or a CRV, you want to document it just like you would any baby. Folks with fur babies take hundreds of pictures a day. Those with human babies do the same. Why not do so with your big, beautiful, metal baby? If you love your car, you should do it justice by making sure you document it in all of its glory.

A smartphone pic is one thing, but what if every time you pulled up to that epic sunset backdrop, a mountainside turnabout, or even parked just perfectly right in front of your home, you could whip out a sweet EOS Rebel T6i EF-S SLR? What about if it was equipped with a number of different lenses? You could even up your game and snap up a camcorder to take some action footage with you and your friends on the weekends.


If you spend ample amounts of money suping up your car anyway, why not invest in just a little bit of gear so that you can document just what your car is made of. Of course, if you want to have money to take care of your vehicle, you do not want to spend a huge amount of cash on the photography equipment used to glorify its existence.

But worry not, when you head over to Canon’s Groupon Coupons page, investing in top quality Canon gear is not very expensive at all. You can score on deals like $369 off of that EOS Rebel T6i EF-S SLR, up to $650 off of other SLRs, and even up to a total of $800 off of cameras, lenses, and camcorders. If you are not able to purchase a camera right now, because perhaps you just got down upgrading your vehicle, you should definitely bookmark Canon’s Groupon Coupons page and check back when the time is right. You will find new discounts and coupons you are able to take advantage of all of the time, so the time is always right to enjoy taking photos of your vehicle.