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One Tuner to Optimize Every Auto You Have in a Fleet or a Single Consumer

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For any drivers who are looking for the best in performance from their car, that is what the Gluon platform is also all about. Gluon offers an optimization tuning solution with software. Manufactures of vehicles often will use the same engine for a multitude of vehicles in their line.

High-end or low end

In a vehicle that is high-performance and higher priced, the manufacture will tune the engine to give the most optimal performance. In their models that are at the lower end they will limit the output of the engine so that it doesn’t perform at the same level as the higher-end. Having a tuner, the consumer has the choice to advance the performance of the model that is lower cost so that it will perform just like the higher model auto.

Paired to single car  

Tuners currently are paired to a single auto or limited to a single auto type. The driver must order a registered device – that takes 5 to 10 days to arrive. You then load the tuner software on it and load the software into the car.

Popular tuner or hardware

Cobb Access port is one instance of a popular hardware and tuner provider but there are others as Cobb devices are mostly limited to precise cars with one device only working for a single auto. It is also rather pricey costing from $500 to over $1000 per device.


But with Gluon, the consumer purchases a single hardware device with GLU token. The hardware device connects to and will work with any vehicle that has the OBD II port. The user can use the very same Gluon device to tune their Mercedes C300 and their BMW M3, (only an example) rather than having to buy a separate device for every vehicle they have or a fleet manager might have.


Also, the tuner on Gluon device will have a price far lower than those tuners existing to capture a larger share of the market.


When the Gluon platform is fully up and running you will be able to use cybercurrency such as Glu tokens that will soon be for sell for those using this platform.