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Maintenance Tips to Keep your Car Running Smoothly

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Whether you depend on your car to get to work every day or use it to get around on weekends, you want to know it is going to run properly so you aren’t worried about breakdowns. Here are some basic maintenance tips you should be taking care of on a regular basis.

Happy Tyres

You should be having your tyres checked with the beginning of the warm weather and then again as the cold weather returns. You want to be certain there aren’t any issues such as poor pressure, wear and tear and alignment issues. Rotating your tyres will also assist in keeping the wear of your tyres even which will in turn help them last longer and perform better.

Fail Safe Brakes

It seems unnecessary to mention the importance of your brakes but many people drive without thinking about how well their brakes are functioning. Any strange sounds that come from your brakes or a feeling that they are not stopping as you expect deserves a good checking over. Speak to your mechanic and find out what they advise for regular brake checks.

Safe Steering and Suspension

Steering and suspension is often overlooked. In fact many people don’t even know what suspension is. Suspension keeps your tires in contact with the road and steering of course allows you to maneuver your car. Don’t forget about checking suspension and steering, especially if you feel a pulling when you are driving or steering.

Oil changes and other fluids

There are a few different fluids you want to keep an eye on including coolant and wiper fluid. Oil is very important and can lead to all kinds of issues if not changed regularly. Friction can build up with older oil which loses its viscosity. Viscosity I lost when oil degrades from overuse. The older the oil the less viscosity it will have.  This means you can have more wear and tear on your engine parts which can lead to costly repairs. Flecks of metal can actually get into your oil which then runs through your engine causing further damage. The less you change the oil the more chances there are of blowing your engine. Allowing your oil to thicken means it can’t work as well as it should.

Oil levels are easy to check using your dip stick. If oil is low your car can be suffering from leaks or you could be burning oil. Neither of these scenarios is desirable. It is a good idea to have an oil analysis as it will check for things such as metal flecks and viscosity. This can help you avoid costly repairs down the road by detecting other fluids such as coolant. Other fluids detected in the oil can mean you have leaks which can cause damage or indicate damage is already present. Regular oil changes will help you avoid issues but an oil analysis takes things one step further.

Regular car maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and more importantly dangerous breakdowns.

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