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Fastest cars available to purchase today

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Cars today have unachievable top speeds, how many people who bought a 3 series BMW plan on taking their car to 143MPH? The number would be very slim indeed. The majority of supercars now have figures that stretch well over 200MPH, but where can you use this speed? Even on the straightest stretch of road in Britain with no cars on it, the surface just isn’t good enough to guarantee your safety at these astronomical speeds. To establish a top speed record, the requirement is that you must complete two runs and the mean speed of both runs is then recorded as the top speed. This has caused controversy in many claims for the title.

The Hennessey Venom GT unofficially set the record, 270.49MPH, for world’s fastest production car. It’s unofficial as the speed was recorded only one way and only 12 cars were ever produced. For a car to be considered a production model, at least 25 cars must be produced. Although Guinness World Records accepted it as a production car, they wouldn’t overlook the single run, thus disqualifying its record.

The official world’s fastest car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, setting a speed of 269.86MPH. Over the course of production Bugatti made 30 cars, 5 of which had the limiter removed, allowing the car to reach that record speed. Bugatti beat their own record with this car, previously set by the standard Bugatti Veyron.  

Before Bugatti took to the stage, McLaren held the record with their F1 reaching 240MPH, the most amazing piece of information about this achievement is that it was set in 1990! The McLaren featured a central driver’s seat, with two passenger seats either side. The engine is a naturally aspirated V12 producing just 627BHP, that amount of power is seen regularly in sports cars of today, however the McLaren was exceptionally light, weighing just 1,138 kilograms. The engine, as you’d imagine, had to work extremely hard to produce such amazing performance figures, as a result of this it got extremely hot. To stop this residual heat from melting the engine cover and everything around it, McLaren had to coat the engine bay in gold foil!

Robbie from Eden Commercials said, ‘Top speeds are irrelevant now, the roads are far too congested to get near these speeds safely and the penalty for doing so would be severe. I’d much rather swap the speed for more refinement inside!’