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Excellent Tips For Travelling Through Australia In A Motorhome

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It’s said that more than any other country in the world, Australia is the best to enjoy through a road trip. And when it comes to a road trip, what else can be better than a motorhome? Here are a few suggestions and tips for travelling around Australia in a motorhome.

How will You Choose the Right Vehicle?

While planning to do a road trip throughout Australia, deciding which vehicle to choose is an important decision as you have several factors to consider, including plenty of space or not much of space, refrigerator or no refrigerator, and so on.

Obviously you need to check all of them out to see which one suits you the best. You can buy or rent one. Also there is another option of importing such a vehicle through someone like Dazmac Logistics.

However, definitely you have to consider many options and that may confuse you. Therefore, here are some considerations that can make your decision-making process a bit easy.

Station Wagon

Station wagons are dependable and economical. Most importantly they are easy to pick anywhere in the country.

Station wagons are perfect for:

  • Those who are happy to sleep on a mattress in the backside of a wagon or even in a tent
  • Those who are on a budget
  • Those who are travelling in a group (to save money on fuel)
  • Those who love automatic vehicles (more than 85% of station wagons are automatic)


Motorhomes are perfect for a group of two who want to live life on the road for a longer duration (e.g. 6 months). Motorhomes are best for:

  • Those who can spend some extra cash on vehicles
  • Those who want comforts of home on the road like kitchen, fridge, gas stove etc.
  • Those who want to sleep in their vehicle at night and want some space


These too are perfect for groups of two like a couple or two mates who want to cruise around Australia. They are the best for:

  • Those who can adjust their budget according to the need and have no problem in spending a little more
  • Those who are ready to spend most of their travelling nights sleeping in their vehicle
  • Those who want to spend at least a month or two in travelling by road


4WD is perfect for you if you want an Aussie road trip packed with adrenaline and adventure. It’s the best for:

  • Those who are not on a tight budget
  • Those who love offbeat tracks
  • Groups of 2 to 5 who can sleep in hostels and motels at night
  • Those who can handle this powerful and big car
  • Nature lovers who would love to venture into the most remote parts of the country

Tips for Motorhome Travel

Whether you buy a motorhome in Australia, hire Dazmac Logistics for importing motorhomes into Australia or rent one, travelling in a motorhome may be a first time experience for you. So, it’s better to remember certain tips.

Plan a Route Beforehand

While it’s certainly exciting to maintain spontaneity while travelling in your own vehicle and not with a tour operator where your timetable is planned by someone else, you’ve to remember that Australia is a vast country and it’s better to know where you want to travel, the route and how long it will take for you to reach there.

Have Enough Food and Water from a Supermarket

Travelling in a motorhome will most probably take you far from major Australian cities. So, it’s better to take enough food and water from a supermarket. Buying foods and other supplies from small stores and petrol stations may be hard on your wallet.

Maintain the Motorhome

Even if you’ve rented the motorhome, it’s your duty to maintain it well till it’s in your possession. Perform basic maintenance checks every 500 km. This includes things like checking coolant levels and tyre pressure.

So, when are you planning to start your exciting adventure in your motorhome?