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Buying trucks for your company

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There are many companies which require trucks to carry the goods of various types and shapes from one location to another location. In order to fulfill your requirement you have two options; one is to hire the transport companies and get the goods delivered to your desired location in the given time and pay the tariff charged from the transport company. The other option is to get the trucks which are known as logistics trucks from Satellite Truckxpress. This option of buying the trucks could be costly option for the company but you will be having the advantage of delivering the goods as per your convenience and you will be saving money on the tariff.

Types of logistic trucks

    • Semitrailer trucks: These are the trucks which are used commonly to carry the goods from one location to another. These types of trucks can be loaded from sides, from the back ad from the top. The maximum capacity of the truck is 24,000 kg. These trucks are suited to carry the palletized goods i.e. to carry the goods safeguarded on the wooden or platform made from the wood and straw.  
  • Jumbo trailer trucks: These are trucks are best suited for carrying the goods which have more volume and less weight. The maximum weight this truck can carry is 24,000 kg. This truck is best suited for carrying of a huge volume of goods due to the reduced diameter of the wheels and light weight.
  • Straight truck: These are the trucks which have the power unit and the load carrying unit on the same chassis. These trucks are used for the purpose of carrying furniture and comparatively lighter goods. They are capable of carrying the goods from one placed to another with greater speed. These trucks are also known as cube van, cube truck or box truck.