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Best Ways of Detailing a Car

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One of the most essential ways to maintain your car is through periodic detailing.  Car owners regard detailing a car hard work and time-consuming, so they usually trust professionals to do it for them.  However, car owners should still be on the lookout for excellent ways of detailing a car.  Car owners should be able to know and recognize whether the detailing service that was rendered for them is good or not.  This ensures that our vehicles will get the best service possible.

How will car owners recognize the best ways for detailing a car? What should car owners look out for in order for them to say that their car was detailed excellently?

To help out car owners, here is a list of the best ways of detailing a car.

  1. Both interior and exterior of the vehicle are given much importance. Many detailing shops only focus on either one –the interior only, or the exterior only. There are detailing shops that offer both options, depending on what the car owner needs.  Be wary of auto detailing shops that only offer one type of service.  Thoroughness should be practiced by car auto detailing establishments. They should be able to offer customers professional detailing services whether they need it inside, or outside. Shops who offer extensive services inside and out know that the dash, rugs, and carpet deserve as much attention as the roof, wheels, and tires.


  1. It all depends on the tools and equipment. Check out the tools and equipment that your auto detailing shop uses.  In detailing a car, it is important to have excellent tools to efficiently do the job.  It doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art or the latest technological advancements, but they do need to be updated to fit the needs of current vehicle models.  As car owners, the basic tools and equipment to look for car interiors are the quality of an auto detailing shop’s air compressor and stiff brushes.  These are simple and basic equipment, but both are very important.  Air compressors get dirt out from small nooks and crannies, and stiff brushes help loosen dirt. For car exteriors, detailing shops should use superior products, non-acidic, if possible.  They should also avoid using ordinary detergents, and use products specific to vehicles.

If a car wash and detailing establishment do not use quality basic tools and equipment, then it is most likely that their other equipment may not be as excellent as well.

  1. Glass should be cleaned last. All auto detailing shops know the proper process of washing and detailing cars.  Glass should be cleaned last because they accumulate all the grime and dirt from the previous steps.  A good glass cleaner should be ammonia-free, and glass cleaning should be done using a microfiber cloth.  Using microfiber cloth ensures that the glass in your car is rid of cleaner residue, such as streaks and spots.  All excellent shops employ a methodical process of cleaning and detailing vehicles and owners should ensure that cleaning the glass is the last step in the process.
  1. It is all in the details. Many shops offer numerous services to vehicle owners, but more important than the quantity of offerings is the level of detail performed for each service.  Some owners get confused about different packages offered, but when you see all the packages, the differences are so minimal.  The vehicle owner then ends up paying extra for very small additional services.  Car owners should be on the lookout for these.  In detailing a car, remember to check out paint care, chassis and wheels cleaning, headlights, taillights and exterior trim, interior detailing, and engine bay services.