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All You Want to know About Volkswagen

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Volkswagen – The name itself means people’s car and yes it is the perfect way to describe this most loved car brand in one word. Volkswagen is a German automobile brand that first started its journey way back in 1937. Since then the automobile brand has been serving people from all corners of the world and has managed to take the premier position as the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. Shortened to VW, Volkswagen has an illustrious history of being the people’s car and they have maintained the quality of their cars throughout their journey since 1932.

Finding a Volkswagen dealer

Since this automobile company is the largest car makers in the world and serves in almost every country in the world it is not difficult to find a car dealer that sells a collection of VW vehicles. Whether you are living in Canada or USA, you can find innumerable car dealers who would sell VW cars and vehicles. You can find quite a few dealers who would sell VW but getting the best Ontario VW Dealer can be a little tricky.

SO what do you do to find the best VW dealer when you are in Toronto? Well you just search online for the dealers that are near you and select the ones that are offering the lowest price along with various other assistance and benefits. Before buying a car it is important that you check the model and the variant along with its fuel efficiency, durability engine and if the price is competitive enough so that you can get the best deal too.

A brief history about this People’s car

Volkswagen started its journey in 1932. However the real project of People’s Car was started in 1937 by German Labor Front to make cars that can be affordable for everyone. During the first part of 1930’s automobile companies used make luxury cars that were way beyond the rich of average Germans. As a result, one 1 in every 50 Germans could afford a car. Thus quite a few automobile companies started the project of people’s car that was affordable for everyone. Thus models like Volkswagen Type 82E, Mercedes 170H, Steyr 55 and Alder AutoBahn came into the market.

Why is a favorite with everyone?

Volkswagen has sustained since the reign of Adolf Hitler and is now the largest automobile producer in the world. From their award winning Beetle to models like Sirocco and Passat, each of their models are very affordable and fuel efficient. The company is also knows for the powerful engines. So if you are planning to buy one of the best priced cars then you should find a good car dealer who sells Volkswagen. One of the most popular VW Dealership in the USA is CardinaleWay. At CardinaleWay you will find the largest collection of Volkswagen vehicles to choose from.


Buying a car needs a lot of planning and information. It always pays off when you do your research thoroughly. When you are buying a Volkswagen, make sure that you have compared the prices as well as other benefits that might come with the vehicle.