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All You Need to Know About Heated Wiper Blades

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Windshield wipers are already a vital part of all vehicles, BUT, when you need to see clearly while driving through a snowy weather, you’ll need the “heating” type of wiper blades. Heated wiper blades are a new invention for dealing with cold and snowing weather. As such, below are a few points you may need to understand about them:

#1.They work with the defrost system

This type of wipers works with your car’s defrosting system. Thus, you don’t need to install an additional car part for them to function effectively. The defrost system is able to sense when it is getting freezing cold, thereby “setting on” the heat-able wipers blades.

Heating elements

Mechanically, these windshield wipers have two in-built heating elements, which are calibrated to measure the temperature levels. One of the elements is designed to transmit heat, through the silicon blades. As a result, the point of conduct on the windshield becomes heated. The blades can heat up close to 100 degrees, thus hindering ice and snow from buildup on the screen. The other heating element is wired to heat the wiper frames and the pivot so that they remain free from snow and ice buildup.


When it comes to heated windshield wipers installation, the process is simple and requires basic tools. However, it can be tricky if you are new to auto mechanical jobs. The good thing is it comes with installation instructions, which you can easily follow. But why all the hustle, when your mechanic can do it for you? Both to remove the regular wipers you are currently using and to fix these is approximately a 30 minutes task, and that should cost only a few bucks.

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Heated windshield wipers are designed to withstand tough weather conditions. For your info, ice and snow are the two major natural elements that contribute greatly to the wear and tear of wiper blades. Heated wipers have the advantage because they cut through ice, and prevent snow buildup. The squeegee is also made to withstand high temperatures that often crack the regular wiper blades within months.

Convenient and control

Because these windshield wipers connect to operate with your cars defrost system, there is no hustle in controlling them. Just set them on auto mode where they automatically heat up and begin to streak the windshield on realizing a drop in temperatures below a certain level. Or, you can decide to put them on and off personally depending on the need.

Performance and reliability

If you have to drive in the snowstorm, or during freezing cold winters, heated windshield wipers come in handy to bail you out. They will consistently keep your windscreen clear, thereby increasing visibility on rainy days.

No more will you have to get out in the quest to scrap free a streaked windshield manually. All you need is sitting warm inside, as the wipers heat up and cut through any ice and snow that could be trying to stick around.

The bottom line is, heated wiper blades make driving in the rain, or snow storm easier and safer.