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Affordable Fleet Roadside Assistance Programs

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Owning a small business involving cars, vans or other vehicles requires getting special commercial insurance. In addition to this, you also want to consider getting roadside assistance for your company.  Breakdowns are uncommon but they do happen and when they do, you cannot afford for your business to come to a halt because of these inconveniences.

Look for quality fleet roadside assistance from trusted companies that offer protection on all kinds of vehicles. These programs work with most any type of company from those that deliver flowers to those that deliver food. Maid services and landscape services are also able to benefit from roadside assistance programs. If you have a roofing company or any other company that makes regular use of commercial vehicles, look into buying an affordable assistance plan.Image result for Affordable Fleet Roadside Assistance Programs

There are many different types of programs that can be tailored to your specific needs. Prices are often based on the size of the fleet or the types of services you want with your vehicles. These services may include one-call roadside assistance 24 hours a day in any state of the country. Some programs also offer this within travels to Canada.

Towing services are also offered and can include towing within 25 miles or so. In addition to this, your drivers can enjoy locksmith services, jump starts, tire changes or gasoline delivery.

Fleets vary in size, so you will want to make sure that you find an assistance program that works for the number of cars in your fleet. Fleet services often start with vehicles of 10 or more in a company but each roadside coverage program is different.

Do not let your employees go out on the road without the peace of mind that comes with affordable roadside assistance. Get your company the protection it needs now.