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A guide to having an electric car charging point installed

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  • The electric car is here!

The electric car, in my lifetime, has always seemed to be an innovation for the future; fact is, the innovation in now a thing of the present. Electric cars have arrived!

OK, the technology is still evolving but with industry super giants increasingly throwing their hats into the development ring you can rest assured electric cars will rapidly become more efficient, cheaper and, ultimately, the only eco-friendly option available.

Presently, the electric car has a restricted travel capacity determined by the power of its battery. The average electric car can probably travel 250 – 300 miles before requiring a recharge; that’s not bad for everyday run-around usage!

By way of compromise, many electric vehicles are ‘hybrids’, meaning that they employ battery power backed-up by traditional fuel power. This, as investment into battery advancements continues apace, will change; the polluting fuel option will be replaced in entirety by all-electric muscle.

  • Why should I invest in electric transport?

Well, first off, take account of the tremendous harm fuel pollution is doing to our planet and the immediate welfare of its population. It’s all well documented scary stuff. Something has to done! And very soon. Like it or not, not too long from now, an electric car will be parked in most drives and garages throughout the country, indeed the world.

Secondly, an electric charge is far, far cheaper that a tank of petrol or diesel. What’s more, it’s all likely to become even cheaper!

The electric car will have fewer moving parts and will be much easier and cheaper to maintain.

There are numerous charging points appearing across the country, in car parks, streets and service stations. Built-in hybrid technology and an increase in charging stations mean that the electric car is already a viable and attractive option.

  • Charging your electric car at home

An electric car can easily be charged in your garage using a standard domestic three pin power point. Much the same way as you’d charge your mobile phone. You can generally expect a full charge overnight (within 8 hours) giving you approximately 250 miles of cheap motoring before a top up is required.

However, the old fashion home socket is no longer regarded as fit for purpose, as newer and more efficient charging systems come onto the market. You can now expect to attain a full charge within 3-4 hours.

Should you be investigating the purchase options on a hybrid or fully electric car then ask your dealer for up to date information on the charging systems available.

So, as far as it goes, charging at home, using your domestic electricity supply, is relatively simple and an extremely cheap way to ‘fill up your tank’.

  • In conclusion

Owning an electric car is fast becoming a no brainer; indeed, not too many generations from now, there probably won’t be an alternative.

For sure, within a few years, even months, the big investors will have no doubt developed a battery with much more oomph! You’ll be able to get many, many more miles from your cache of thrifty electrons.

Take the time to investigate further with your local supplier; save money, and help save the planet.